How do we train women to raise those odds? First is attitude, being confident can prevent attacks, this involves walking with confidence at Bob Davis Karate. We will teach you these techniques, also learning how to positively interact and present yourself as not being a favorable target. This is the ultimate self-defense not having any confrontation, making yourself appear to be a bad choice as a target is the best way to go. Attitude of not putting up with anything is also key. 85% of attackers are people you know! People you allow into your space and you let your guard down, so your attitude of not putting up with anything sends the message to everyone to not mess with you or your family.

Once you develop physical self-defense skills, this will add to your confidence and presence so the attacker will respect your space. Another way we equalize the attacking situation is weapons. And anything can be a weapon, chairs, tree limbs, shoes, lamps etc. with just a little training you can learn how to use these items to defend yourself. This brings up the subject of guns, knives and pepper spray. First if you carry these items, make sure it is legal to do so in your state, get any licenses required. Second, train in these weapons so if used, you will be successful, third decide if you are willing to actually shoot someone, hesitation could cause the attacker to get the weapon from you and use it against you. Pepper spray can work but should be replaced every 3 months to guarantee the spray works as advertised, be aware, drunk or drugged up people may not be affected by the spray. Basic martial arts are needed in case no weapons are available or the weapon fails to work etc. Punching, kicking and blocking skills are effective and simple to learn. Complicated self-defense moves are more difficult to master and need more training to be effective. Every self-defense course must cover hair pulling, since this puts the woman at a disadvantage. Techniques can be taught to minimize this attach problem. We at Bob Davis Karate highly recommend taking our women’s self-defense course and seminars.