The classes follow a general formula, warm up, stretching, technique practice which includes punching, kicking and blocking skills. Then forms which are pre-arranged movements in a sequence with timing and rhythm, then self-defense tactics or one-steps which is pre-arranged free spar, board breaking practice, then ending with free spar. Either technique, free spar which is no contact fighting or with pads for light contact sparring. Students wear complete protective equipment including head, hand and foot protection along with mouth guard, shin protection, groin cup for boys, this allows the student to be able to practice the techniques with a little more reality. At Bob Davis Karate all practice areas have wall to wall mats, also both studios have punching bags and various training aids. Both areas have protective pads for students to borrow. Instructors have all the equipment needed to aide their teaching curriculums. Mirrors line the walls to also help the students to perfect their various karate skills. TV’s are located in each studio to play instructional DVD’s for the students. The lobby has a TV also for the entertainment of the parents and families. Parents and families are allowed to watch the classes in the studio if they wish or the student can be dropped off and picked up. Every day is a great day at Bob Davis Karate