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About Anti-Bullying

Anti-Bully classes at Bob Davis Martial Arts cover all aspects of the bullying situation. Master Davis has studied the physical and psychological interactions that occur in bullying. Bullying can happen to anyone at any age to all types of children and adults. It is important to learn how to handle bullying now so it doesn’t become something a person experiences all their lives.

Some of our instructors have been bullied, and their children bullied. One of our instructors, his child was being bullied at the bus stop every day. The child never said but the parents noticed bruises and the child complained of pain even in the groin area (because the bully had kicked him there). Finally the father, spied on the bus stop and saw the bullying for himself. He complained to the school but the bullies parents stuck up for their child and nothing was done. The father put his child into martial arts training. His child started developing confidence and self-defense skills. One day the bullied child had had enough and he fought back against the bully, successfully. The bully’s parents complained to the school but the school this time checked their records and agreed the bully was at fault.

Most of the time the confidence that the person develops through Martial Arts training at Bob Davis Karate is enough to stop the bully and end the bullying situation. Bullies don’t want to lose so they will move on to another victim and leave your child alone once his confidence is established.

Anti-bully training at Bob Davis Martial Arts includes cyber-bullying, verbal bullying etc. and we practice how to respond and end these behaviors. The confidence, self-esteem and discipline learned during our anti-bully and Martial Art classes will last a lifetime. The classes not only teach children how to deal with schoolroom and neighborhood bullies, it helps in the work place as well. Learn how to stand up to the boss without being fired, how to deal with the aggressive coworker and the annoying next door neighbor.

Talking about dealing with bullies isn’t enough. Telling a child to report bullying isn’t enough. The only way a child can permanently overcome bullying is by changing inside. At Bob Davis Martial Arts we change your child inside. They become self-assured, productive and assume leadership roles. Once a person knows how to effectively defend themselves, their worlds change. It’s the most amazing transformation possible. Ironically the better someone learns how to defend oneself, the less likely they are to fight.


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